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Leading Team is a complete R&D team in the fields of optical, mechanical, electrical, control, system andintegration. lt is one of the few companies specializing in laser welding in China. lts subsidiaries areShenzhen Leading Laser Technology Co, Ltd. and Guangdong Leading Optoelectronic Technology Co., LtoLaser welding is the only business. The company has conducted in-depth communication with customers tounderstand customer pain points, understand industry pain points, improve customer satisfaction and useexperience, provide professional customized products, and always take "simple operation can achieveprecision welding" as the goal to ensure product quality and supply cycle when meeting the needs oftechnicalindicators.

The company can manufacture laser welding solutions for metal materials with laser beams, which arewidely used in different market demands, and can quickly respond to the customization requirements otcustomers' various hardware and software: The company mainly sells to the world through channelcompanies. After 10 years of precipitation, the performance and stability of the company's products havereached the forefront of the industry nationwide, and the products cover all parts of the country and are soldoverseas.


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